Spannkopf SE

Clamping head SE with hexagonal clamping geometry

With our hexagonal clamping heads you get up to 25 % more clamping force and higher output with the same clamping cylinder actuating force that is used to actuate our SPANNTOP chucks. The pyramid arrangement of glide surfaces makes it possible. In addition the hexagonal geometry ensures that TOPlus is more resistant to contamination than former clamping head / chuck systems.

Therefore, TOPlus is even better suited for raw material, cast and forged parts, as well as fine-particle non-ferrous metals such as brass. With a concentric precision of ≤ 0.005 mm!

Design of the bore

TOP for clamping of raw material

TOPG for clamping of finished material

TOPG premium with µm-precise customer-specific diameter

TOP HSW for machining to size

Technical data

CAD data

Clamping head RD

Clamping head RD with round clamping geometry

This development represents more than 30 years of SPANNTOP experience. It exploits all the advantages of the latest machine tools. This clamping head is not only extremely powerful, it is also convincing through simple handling. With the changing fixture you set up in no time.

The combination of steel and rubber, specially developed by HAINBUCH, in conjunction with a vulcanization that has been perfected over decades, is designed for maximum speed and holding force – with optimal concentricity, and incredible rigidity and service life.

Design of the bore

BZI for clamping of raw material

BZIG for clamping of finished material

BZI HSW for machining to size

Technical data

CAD data

Clamping head special profile

Clamping head with special profile

Do your workpieces include frequently recurring profiles? In these cases we manufacture special profile clamping heads for you. We are also flexible in regards to the type and execution of the vulcanization. Thus, it is possible to have vulcanization run along the bore. For critical components, this is most effective to seal the clamping device.


  • Special profiles possible
  • Parallel clamping over the entire clamping length
  • The vulcanized rubber takes over the clamping movement
  • Extended life time and powerful circumferential clamping due to rigid steel segments with over 60 HRC
  • Precisely radially fixed

More accessories for all clamping head variants

hainBOX system for proper storage

Changing fixtures