Centring unit CENTREX duo

Positioning repeatability of the manufacturing parts and high process reliability are the top priorities in production.
With the CENTREX duo centering unit you can easily set up your components. Thus, tedious and time-consuming
adjustment for component machining is now a thing of the past. CENTREX duo can be used universally for a wide
range of applications.


  • Can be used in the smallest of installation spaces
  • Can be flexibly integrated into own designs
  • No costly maintenance necessary
  • No medium necessary
  • Time saving during set-up

Technical data

CENTREX duo Application examples

Application exampleWorkpiece carriers

CENTREX duo as a positioning element of workpiece carriers for multiple manufacturing and assembly stations [e.g. smartphone production].

Application example:  Pallet system


  • Extremely easy handling
  • No tilting when joining and no wear


Off-the-shelf centering pin

  • Difficult handling, only parallel joining possible
  • Tilted and worn out