• Reduction of machine downtimes due to unscheduled maintenance
  • „„No machine crash due to insufficient draw force

Results / customer benefits

  • The actual value of the draw force is now known
  • „„Thus timely detection of changes in the draw force and the associated contamination or wear
  • „„Active quality monitoring and increased process reliability
  • „„Documentation and archiving of the measurement results


Application area: Zero position clamping systems
Application: Installation, maintenance, error analysis
Measuring range: 0 - 10 kN

  • Base plate and carrier pallet [incl. clamping device] of the zero position clamping system should be tested for function, contamination, and wear on a regular basis
  • „„TESTit simulates the carrier pallet with a draw bolt and measures the axial draw force of the base plate

Clamping head solutions

Clamping head solutions