Change over from O.D. clamping to jaw clamping or centric clamping in 2 minutes – without clamping device change-over and without having to align ? No problem, with the jaw modules. Because the basic unit, into which the jaw module is inserted, is a HAINBUCH chuck or stationary chuck. If at times the clamping head reaches its limits because it must clamp a larger area, then use one of the jaw modules.

The 3-jaw module is best suited for round workpieces, and if you have cubic workpieces, then rely on the 2-jaw module. This means that for a large parts spectrum you are completely flexible and always have the solution that is ideally suited for the respective clamping situation.

Both are small, lightweight, and can be quickly changed over
– an ingenious solution for small-series production.


Change-over to jaw module

What makes me a HAINBUCH Fan is, that my benefit [as a customer]
is at the forefront.

Klaus Rheinheimer, Leader equipment design
John Deere GmbH & Co. KG