SPANNTOP system for multi spindle


In terms of functionality, flexibility and user friendly set-up of multi spindles, our SPANNTOP system is just the right partner.

The system consists of an elastic clamping part, the clamping head, a rigid pipe part and the basic body. Both parts are coupled together to form a single unit that has the outer contour of a conventional clamping collet. Installation in the spindle nose is easy.


  • Easy clamping head change-over from the front
  • Long lifespan through case-hardened steel
  • Typical HAINBUCH features, such as parallel clamping, optimal power conversion, extreme stiffness and high holding power, as well as minimal wear and tear
RS feedfingers for multi spindle

RS feedfingers

HAINBUCH feedfingers have set standards with their adjustable thrust force. The tasks and requirements are diverse: various materials, high RPM, feed speeds and process reliability.

The inner collet is screwed into the outer sleeve with a special wrench. A marking ring on the inner collet in conjunction with a scale on the outer sleeve provides reference values of the level of thrust force.


  • Adjustable thrust force, thus reduced abrasion and wear and tear
  • Significantly reduced marking on bar material
  • Multi-slot inner collet fits on the bar, thereby resulting in minimal wear
  • Inner collet can be adjusted multiple times, resulting in a longer lifespan

KSB [plastic coating]

OXK [ceramic coating]

HM [carbide coating]



If the possibility exists to exchange the collet location in the spindle drum with TOPlus locations with hexagon clamping geometry, the clamping system can fully exploit its advantages due to the full-surface support of the clamping head, which is resistant to contamination. You will particularly notice it through the rigidity when recessing and the lower cycle times, since in most cases machining parameters can be increased.

With conversion to our hexagon clamping heads, you have a genuine alternative against purchasing a new machine at a significantly lower investment.


  • Get more capacity out of your machine: Conversion from conventional collets to hexagon clamping heads
  • Higher rigidity than with round clamping elements
  • Significantly higher resistance to contamination
  • Cycle time reduction is possible through increased machining parameters
  • Ensures less tool wear and thus reduces costs and machine downtimes