Magnet module in use

Clamp difficult or easily deformable workpieces

In daily use you are optimally equipped with the TOPlus or SPANNTOP chucks. However, there are always components that are difficult to clamp due to the contour, or that will be deformed through radial clamping. So what is required is an axial chuck, which in addition can also be set-up very fast.

Clamp axially on a neodymium magnet

The answer: HAINBUCH magnet module. With the magnet module you can clamp components axially on a neodymium magnet. The HAINBUCH magnet module is set-up in only 30 seconds. Your basic clamping device is already mounted. You exchange the clamping head that is included in the scope of delivery. When clamping, the magnetic clamping device is pulled onto the flat contact area of your basic clamping device.

Planar change-over accuracy of 2 μm

If, after initial installation, the magnet module is planed flat and the install position is marked, a planar change-over accuracy of 2 μm can be achieved. The workpiece itself is clamped by hand on the magnet.

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