TESTit for O.D. clamping in use
Jaw chuck B-Top3 and TESTit in use
Mandrel MANDO and TESTit in use

Check the clamping force

A regular check of clamping force is vital for a safe, precise, and productive process. Do you manufacture at the highest possible metal removal rates? Perhaps your clamping device can do more than you think! Those who face tough competition can no longer afford to manufacture with »theoretical clamping forces«. Nevertheless the DIN EN 1550 requires that static clamping force measurement must be performed by the manufacturer at regular intervals.

Modular measuring system

The TESTit clamping force gauge measures and records the clamping force for O.D. clamping and I.D. clamping and even the draw-in force of hollow tapered shank locations. TESTit consists of two parts: The basic unit, which is the IT module, and the measuring units, which are the TEST modules. You only need the IT module once – regardless of whether you want to measure the clamping force at O.D. clamping or I.D. clamping or the draw-in force. It is so-to-speak the basis. Depending on the measurement application, there are different TEST modules that you can easily connect to the IT module via plug & play. Even special design TEST modules fit on the IT module. All aspects have been carefully considered ! With TESTit you do not leave clamping force and draw-in force up to chance; you do prevent workpiece deformation and reduce scrap.

With TESTit you are on the safe side!

We can measure everything!

TESTit software

  • 3 options for visualizing the measured results: bar graph, speedometer or line diagram [force / RPM diagram]
  • „Archive the results as .pdf or .csv file
  • „Bluetooth® connection for the TESTit devices

Download TESTit software

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  • Version: 1.0.32
  • Available since: May 8th, 2024
  • Language packs: German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Czech, Italian, Hungarian

Technical data

Product sheet

Installation manual


CAD data

TESTit models

O.D. clamping 1

Clamping force measurement for O.D. clamping devices with round and smooth clamping surface

Sizes: AS18


  • Clamping heads and collets
  • 3-jaw chucks

Applications: Multi spindle

O.D. clamping 2 & 3

Clamping force measurement for O.D. clamping devices with smooth clamping surface

Sizes: AS32, AS65, AS65-4

  • „„For O.D. clamping 2: Clamping heads and collets / 3-jaw chucks / 2-jaw chucks / vises / centric vises
  • For O.D. clamping 3: 4-jaw chucks / 2x2 chucks / 2-jaw chucks / vises / centric vices

Applications: Machining center, lathe

I.D. clamping

Clamping force measurement for I.D. clamping devices with round and smooth clamping surface

Sizes: IS28, IS50, IS70

  • Segmented clamping bushings

Applications: Machining center, lathe

Draw-in force hollow tapered shanks

Draw-in force measurement in the hollow tapered shank tool location

Sizes: HSK40, HSK50, HSK63, HSK100

  • Hollow tapered shanks

Applications: Machining center

This device amazes me again and again. We use the TESTit for indexing chucks with and without counterbalancing. It shows us if an error with the balancing occurs and we can adjust it immediately. Finally, we have a measuring device that also works with rotating spindle.

Michael Bergman, Coordinator metal cutting
VOSS Fluid GmbH