Segmented clamping bushing SE

Segmented clamping bushings SE

The segmented clamping bushing SE with the hexagon socket sits on the clamping pyramid, absolutely form-fitted in every clamping position and thereby enables maximum machining performance with minimal vibration and thus less tool wear. The full-surface contact of the segmented clamping bushing on the mandrel ensures a significantly better insensitivity to contamination than previous segmented clamping bushing/mandrel systems. Therefore, these segmented clamping bushings are even better suited for raw material, cast and forged parts, as well as fine-particle non-ferrous metals such as brass. And they offer this suitability at run-out of ≤ 0.01 mm and in the premium version at ≤ 0.007 mm.


SE Models

Segmented clamping bushing MAXXOS T211

Segmented clamping bushing MAXXOS SAD

Segmented clamping bushing RD

Segmented clamping bushings RD

In terms of precision, stability, and flexibility the vulcanized segmented clamping bushings are unbeatable. They consist of segments made of case hardened steel that is very hard, extremely wear resistant, and rigid [60 HRC]. Plus, they do not have to »bend« to clamp the workpiece. The result: maximum run-out accuracy, maximum holding power, and long life span.


RD Models

Segmented clamping bushing MANDO T211 / G211

Segmented clamping bushing MANDO T212 / T812

Segmented clamping bushing MANDO SAD