There is almost nothing that is not doable.

Where our designers really hit their stride when our standard clamping devices hit their limits. They also develop solutions that are precisely tailored for the most particular requirements.

Our experts push the technology to its limits, prefer to leaving the beaten path, think outside of the box, and approach their work with passion, drive and a wealth of invention.

The result: an individual special solution in the accustomed HAINBUCH quality.

Special solutions, industry 4.0, automation, intelligent clamping devices or even more. With our research and development team, we got you covered.

Your benfit

  • For your needs customized special solutions
  • We support you in optimizing your production
  • Innovative production possibilities through high-tech clamping technologies


  • 50 % of our orders are customized products
  • A team of over 45 engineers will be working on your needs right away
  • We are well prepared to receive orders with more than 100 clamping devices, which happens consistently
  • Projects and developments is our daily business, we always observe the whole process
  • We have received 2 awards for the TOPlus IQ chuck and also 1 award for industry 4.0 solutions in our own production