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Clamping head adapter

Large workpieces – large chucks – large clamping heads. So far so good, but sometimes you also have to machine smaller workpieces? Instead of buying large clamping heads with a small diameter, there is now a better alternative: the clamping head adapter.

For example, it can basically turn a size 100 chuck into a size 65 chuck and you can then change your normal size 65 heads using this clamping head adapter. Your advantages are in-stock availability and a lower price for the smaller clamping heads. You also save the costs of purchasing new large clamping heads if you are already using smaller clamping heads.

Changing the clamping head adapter is fast and easy with the suitable changer interface.


  • Reduced costs due to use of smaller clamping heads
  • Smaller clamping heads can be kept in stock for faster availability
  • Covers a larger range of clamping diameters
  • Productivity boost and saving of time due to faster change-over between large and small clamping diameters
  • Flexible production since single clamping heads can be used on multiple machines

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