Maximum machining capacity

MAXXOS T211 is a mandrel with a hexagonal pyramid shape instead of a round taper – perfect for demanding and reliable process manufacturing. Through the hexagonal clamping pyramid, maximum transmission forces can be realized. The segmented clamping bushing with the hexagon socket sits on the clamping pyramid with an absolute positive fit, which enables maximum machining capacity with less vibration and thereby less tool wear. The lubrication, combined with its leak-tightness ensures an extremely constant production flow and therefore maximum reliability. By the way, our segmented clamping bushings offer a factory-standard run-out accuracy of ≤ 10 μm. If you need even greater precision, there are two additional levels of run-out quality to choose from. Even a run-out accuracy of ≤ 2 μm is possible upon request.

Choose your suitable mandrel

Overall the mandrel covers a clamping diameter range from 18 to 100 mm. The clamping ranges of the respective sizes are designed to overlap. As a rule – depending on the clamping diameter – you can choose from two to three different mandrel sizes. The larger mandrel always means more stability and rigidity, the smaller mandrel can cover a greater quantity of smaller workpieces if necessary.

Those who place more value on process reliability and optimum torque transmissions are very happy with the MAXXOS T211.


MAXXOS mandrel with hexagonal pyramid shape reduces your costs!

Insert segmented clamping bushing

Combined with the following clamping elements

SB segmented clamping bushing

SAD segmented clamping bushing

More accessories

Actuating units

End-stop blanks

Flanges / drawtube adapter

Adapter for air sensing control


Torque wrench