Monteq Wechselvorrichtung
Pallet system
Set-up hoist

Handling Line

Your benefit
  • Maintaining precision through clean storage
  • Efficient and fast provision of the clamping devices
  • Gentle operation thanks to lifting and mounting aid
Products of the Handling Line:
  • Pallet system with pallet, frames and cover
  • Cart
  • Set-up hoist *
  • Monteq mounting aid


* The set-up hoist can only be sold in the following countries:

  • EU - European Economic Area [CE]
  • Switzerland
  • China
  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom




Clamping devices stored safely and securely

... with the pallet system

Pallet with holders for clamping devices

including frames

including cover


Efficient moving of clamping devices

... with the cart or the set-up hoist

Remove clamping devices in pallet system from storage

Move the clamping device securely to the machine


Easy on the back and without gantry crane

... with the set-up hoist

All required clamping devices can be placed on the storage surface of the set-up hoist. A surface half the size of a Europallet is available for storage.

  • All clamping devices are then within easy reach during the set-up process

The set-up hoist with the clamping devices is positioned next to the machine. This might be machine A today and machine B tomorrow.

  • Designed for flexible use on different machines

Positioning of the set-up hoist in front of the machine. The swivel arm is extended without the clamping device to determine the perfect position.

  • Swivel arm is more flexible than a gantry crane from above – ideal for hard-to-reach spindles

After lowering the set-up hoist, integrated safety prompts ensure a stable position and give the go-ahead for the actual set-up process.

  • No additional securing of the set-up hoist is necessary

With the swivel arm, pick up the clamping device from the storage surface, position on the spindle and mount

  • Reduce set-up times
Monteq mounting aid

Monteq mounting aid


  • Easy and safe handling of heavy clamping devices
  • Short changing times thanks to quick-acting screws
  • The clamping device is not suspended diagonally


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