Hydraulic stationary chuck HYDROK
Hydraulic stationary chuck HYDROK SE
Hydraulic stationary chuck HYDROK RD
Hydraulic stationary chuck HYDROK in use
HYDROK hydraulic stationary chuck in use

Depending on size, combined with all adaptations

5-axis machining or rational multiple clamping – with HYDROK we offer a hydraulically actuated stationary chuck that provides even more implementation possibilities. Depending on size – you can use it with all clamping device adaptations, such as the MANDO Adapt mandrel-in-clamping device or with the jaw module. Thus in the future you can also rely completely on the intelligent HAINBUCH modular system, even for your stationary clamping device.


Multiple clamping in confined spaces

The smallest of the group: HYDROK 40 SE and 32 RD. Their modular base plates can be easily fitted together and enables multiple clamping with incredible holding forces in the most confined spaces. And with an additional tandem cylinder you can even generate the full clamping force with a weaker hydraulic unit.

Technical data

Product sheet

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CAD data

Applications and workpiece examples for HYDROK

Change-over of adaptations

Combinable with following clamping elements and adaptations

Clamping heads SE / RD

Adaptations I.D. clamping SE / RD

Adaptations jaw clamping SE / RD

Magnet module

More accessories

hainBOX system for proper storage

Changing fixtures

Multiple clamping pallets

Tandem cylinder / base plate for HYDROK accessories

Tandem cylinder / base plate


Torque wrench

With the HYDROK clamping system from HAINBUCH we use an
optimal solution for processing our products.

Moritz Seeger, CEO
Seeger Präzisionsteile GmbH