Manual chuck TOROK SE
Manually actuated chuck TOROK
Manual chuck TOROK in use
TOROK manual chuck in use

Manually actuated chuck


  • Used on machines without a clamping cylinder
  • Safely and delicately clamp when used on grinding machines
  • Quick change-over to I.D. clamping or jaw clamping [HAINBUCH SYSTEM]


Technical data

Product sheet

Installation manual


CAD data

Applications and workpiece examples for manual chuck TOROK

Combinable with following clamping elements and adaptations

Clamping heads SE / RD

Adaptations I.D. clamping SE / RD

Adaptations jaw clamping SE / RD

Magnet module

Face driver SE / RD

Morse taper adapter SE / RD

More accessories

vario end-stop systems

hainBOX system for proper storage

Changing fixtures

Flanges / drawtube adapter

Base plate for TOROK accessories

Base plate for TOROK [stationary use]


Torque wrench