Our new AC [Automated Change] line makes everything automatic!

We can justifiably claim to be experts in clamping device change-over and masters in fast setup. Why? Due to decades of experience in reducing setup times and developing faster change-over solutions. Thousands of centroteX quick-change interfaces are successfully used by our customers every day to reduce costs in applications requiring µm-precision.

But even if our clamping solutions can be set up manually in record time, the future is in automation. Our TOPlus AC and SPANNTOP AC chucks allow automatic change-over of clamping heads and work piece end-stops. This is the basis for the automation of clamping processes and enables unattended setup and production of work pieces with different clamping diameters, profiles and depths.

For example, to set up a vertical machine, the spindle with the mounted chuck positions itself above the previously assembled clamping head with end-stop. This reliable process only takes seconds to complete. The change-over procedure can also be carried out by a robot or a gantry in case of a horizontal lathe or machining center.

But what about changing entire clamping devices? Our time-proven centroteX interfaces are certainly a good choice here. It only takes about 5 minutes to change the clamping device by hand. In the future, however, the requirement will likewise be for automatic and unattended changeover. That is the purpose of our centroteX AC solutions, which are successfully used by our customers to change mandrels and chucks. To achieve this, we offer custom interfaces that ensure maximum versatility in their production processes.

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