»ThinKing Lightweight Award« for TOROK CFK IQ chuck

A smart lightweight chuck wins in September.

Press release

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The highly complex lightweight chuck made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic [CFRP] with integrated sensor technology from the clamping device manufacturer Hainbuch received the Thinking Award in September.

Hainbuch's Torok CFK IQ is a real lightweight and 70 percent lighter than its steel version. It performs various automatic measurements for a predictive maintenance strategy with the help of the integrated sophisticated sensor technology. The manufacturing process is monitored and documented by the sensors as part of condition monitoring.

Thanks to its hybrid design, consisting of aluminum, CFRP and steel, it ensures reduced unit costs and a longer service life of the machine. This is made possible by the noticeably lower mass inertia, the damping properties and the high machining dynamics combined with low energy consumption.

The Torok CFK IQ lightweight chuck with integrated sensor technology.