Small, inexpensive and efficient: the vario flex pneumatic workpiece ejector

Press release


The vario part and vario quick end-stop systems, already in the product portfolio, are joined by a third variant: the vario flex. The pneumatic workpiece ejector ejects the workpiece from the chuck automatically.

The pneumatic workpiece ejector depth can be adjusted flexibly by means of a clever retaining mechanism and positioned in the machine exactly as required for the workpiece.

Key features:

  • Automatic ejection of the workpiece from the chuck
  • All-in-one workpiece ejector and basic end-stop for connecting a wash-out or air system


  • Process security from automatic workpiece ejection
  • Increased productivity from shorter cycle times
  • Flexibility due to the different application possibilities

The function of the pneumatic workpiece ejector is to eject the workpiece from the chuck automatically.