Product revolution for the TESTit clamping force measuring device

Press release


Safe processes through exact measurement

  • Clamping force measurement for O.D. and I.D. clamping
  • Draw-in force measurement of hollow tapered shanks
  • Two units, connected with plug & play: IT module – only needed 1x, TEST module – for various measurement applications
  • Can be used rotating [under RPM]
  • Software for visualization and archiving

To ensure that a process remains safe, precise and productive, regular monitoring of the clamping and draw force is essential. Today, no one can afford to manufacture with »theoretical values«. In any case, DIN EN 1550 specifies that static clamping force measurements are to be carried out at regular intervals.

The new TESTit clamping force measuring device measures and records the clamping force for O.D. and I.D. clamping and even the insertion force of hollow shank taper tool holders [HSKs].


TESTit software

  • „3 variants for visualizing the measured values: bar graph display, speedometer display, line diagram [force/speed diagram]
  • Archiving of measurement results as PDF and CSV files
  • Connection with TESTit via Bluetooth

Accurate measurement with the TESTit makes for reliable processes.

The basic unit and the measuring unit connect rapidly with the plug-and-play function.

Software for viewing and archiving the measured values.