New accessories: clamping head adapter and universal manual changing fixture

A large clamping head becomes a small clamping head and one universal manual changing fixture for all.

Press release

In no time at all, the Hainbuch clamping head adapter turns a large clamping head into a small one. This allows a quick change-over to another clamping diameter and eliminates the purchase of large clamping heads. The clamping head adapter »converts« for example, a 100 chuck into a 65 chuck.

Key advantages:

  • Smaller clamping heads can be used in larger chucks [size 100, 125 and 160]
  • Use of existing clamping heads [size 65 and 100]
  • Costs savings thanks to use of smaller clamping heads
  • Smaller clamping heads are mostly in stock and available faster
  • Covers a larger range of clamping diameters
  • Boosts productivity and saves time thanks to faster change-over between large and small clamping diameters


With the help of a changing fixture, clamping heads are safely and easily inserted and removed. This allows change-over to a different clamping diameter or to an adaptation in just seconds. Up to now though, separate changing fixtures were needed for the hexagonal or round clamping heads as well as for special extension lengths. Now there is one universal manual changing fixture. It is available in sizes 42/52 and 65 and it can change both geometries of clamping heads and even clamping heads with an extension length of up to 19 mm.

The new universal manual changing fixture for easy and quick changing of clamping heads.

The clamping head adapter makes a large clamping head into a small clamping head.

With the changing fixture, the smaller clamping head can be quickly inserted into the clamping head adapter.