About us

Much more than the inventor of the clamping head

Typically Swabian? We are! Started as a contract turning shop, HAINBUCH is now owner-managed in the third generation. What has always existed is the conviction that visions must be lived. The first invention caused a direct sensation in the 1970s: the further development of the collet chuck - the clamping head - was a revolution. Much copied to this day, but unmatched in terms of precision and quality. The first patent has been followed by over 150 further inventions to date.

Makers, thinkers and developers

We are inventors and innovators by nature and strive to be at the forefront of our industry. The quality standards we set ourselves are to find independent solutions and to shape ideas from within our company into high-quality products. Particularly tricky clamping challenges are both an incentive and an inspiration for us. Each year, we collaborate with our customers to develop more than 1,000 unique solutions.

Focus on precision, efficiency and automation

As a prominent manufacturer of workholding technology, our portfolio encompasses products tailored to every industry and machining process. This includes chucks, mandrels, stationary clamping devices, quick-change systems, and automation solutions. Our products primarily emphasize precision, optimization of setup times, and the facilitation of networked and automated production.


Solutions for every industry

However, we do not see ourselves purely as a hardware supplier, but rather as a solution provider. We create seamlessness in the entire production process. That's why we can be found in a wide range of industries - from automotive and mechanical engineering to aerospace and medical technology. We have been a valued technology supplier and OEM partner for decades. We guarantee optimum service and advice worldwide through our eleven subsidiaries and agencies.


Facts & figures


  • 1951
  • Third-generation business


  • Sylvia Rall [CEO]
  • Dr. Achim Feinauer [CEO]
  • Gerhard Rall [CEO]



  • More than 850 worldwide
  • 600 in Germany
  • 45 trainees


  • Headquarters in Marbach am Neckar, Germany
  • 4 German locations [Lindau, Mosbach, Niederstetten and Satteldorf]
  • 11 international subsidiaries [two in China, France, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, Slovakia, USA, Austria, Mexico and Japan]
  • Over 40 agencies worldwide



  • Since its founding more than 150



  • Quality certificate ISO 9001
  • Environmental certificate ISO 14001
  • Energy management ISO 50001
  • AEO certificate


  • Our products are easy to use, process-optimizing and have a long life-cycle
  • A company with many awards, e. g. for the first intelligent chuck or for the first CFRP lightweight design clamping system
  • Offering high precision clamping solutions that are superior in terms of durability, accuracy, and versatility
  • Experts in quick change-over


We love what we do!

Our company values

… to our customers

  • Our employees help customers to find solutions to their problems. Our focus is always on the benefit of the customer.
  • We constantly invest in new machines, optimizing our products and processes to make our customers even happier.
  • We don´t just want to »sale« to have a short-term success but a long-term customer loyalty.

… to our employees

  • We wants to make our employees to fans, who like to work and of course a long-term employment.
  • The people who work for us come from a wide variety of different cultures. We respect the different mentalities and religions and treat all employees equally.


… to our suppliers

  • Our suppliers can be assured of a fair and long-term partnership.

… to our nature

  • All of our employees and suppliers are committed to protecting the environment.
  • They are all earnestly concerned with preventing nature from being harmed.
  • Our corporate philosophy incorporates the principle that a more economical solution is not better if the environment suffers as a result.

The Initiative Blue Competence

We are Alliance Member of the Sustainability Initiative Blue Competence.

Blue Competence [www.bluecompetence.net] is an initiative of the VDMA [www.vdma.org] for promoting and communication of sustainable solutions for the Mechanical Engineering Industry.

By using the trademark »Blue Competence«, we commit ourselves to these twelve Sustainability Guidelines of the Mechanical Engineering Industry.