Palettensystem CENTREX Grafik

Manual pallet system with tiny spheres, but enormous effect

Tiny spheres, enormous effect. The CENTREX positioning and centering element has been a standard component of HAINBUCH modular solutions for years. The simple taper-bushing design is found in classics, such as the MANDO Adapt mandrel adaptation, as well as in the capteX and centroteX quick change-over systems.



The HAINBUCH pallet systems also quickly find their center thanks to CENTREX. Designed for heavy-duty handling and extremely high repeatability. The absolute zero point maintains its self-centering almost perfectly, even under thermal expansion. CENTREX is not influenced by swarf or chips. The biggest advantage: It is completely separated from the draw-in mechanism and thus it is extremely precise – even at high draw-in forces.

Technical data

Installation manual


CAD data

Clamping device change-over with CENTREX pallet system

Disassembling the pallet

Removal of the pallet

Select the appropriate pallet

Install the selected pallet

CENTREX centering elements

Clamping device pallet with different clamping devices

Pallet + hydraulic stationary chuck

Pallet + MANOK [manual stationary chuck]

Pallet + MANDO + ms dock [manually actuated mandrel]

Pallet + MANDO + hs dock [hydraulically actuated mandrel]

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