TOPlus IQ condition monitoring

Your benefits

  • Increases machine availability and process capability
  • „„Ensures as-needed maintenance intervals
  • „„Can avoid workpiece deformation or uncontrolled loss of workpiece
  • „„Detects deviations and reduces up and downstream measuring processes, as well as scrap parts
  • „„Enables condition monitoring, also for traceability in accordance with DIN EN 1550

Today virtually nothing happens without »thinking interactively«. TOPlus IQ is an intelligent chuck that constantly measures the actual clamping force on the workpiece with sophisticated, integrated sensor technology. The measured data is relayed via contactless transmission of data and energy directly to the machine controller where it is analyzed. The controller executes a target value comparison, and if required messages are displayed or a correction is initiated.


Even an in-line workpiece dimension check is possible, directly at each clamping, thanks to integrated measuring sensor technology. The temperature close to the workpiece is also determined to enable temperature compensation. Sensors in the system determine whether the workpiece is positioned plane-parallel on the workpiece end-stop.

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