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Success story


Bushes for engines and various turned and milled parts


Modular system, hexagonal chuck TOPlus, jaw module



The HAINBUCH modular system

Flexible, easy and fast. What else could you want?
One fits into the other, whether hexagon or round.

One system, two basic variants, even more possibilities

SE variant [hexagon]

The hexagon TOPlus version offers an additional 25 % increase in holding power
relative to the RD variant – due to full-surface contact of the clamping element
in the clamping device body.

Your benefits

  • Higher metal removal rates, higher output, lower piece costs
  • Vibration dampening effect
  • Particularly efficient for difficult machining
  • Sealed against contamination from outside – low maintenance, consequently less machine downtime and increased process reliability. Particularly useful for fine-particle nonferrous metals such as brass or even cast iron. Consequently also particularly well suited for stationary machining.
  • Optimal lubrication due to lubricating grooves in the chuck body
  • Full through-bore or top face run on the workpiece or front end-stop


RD variant [round]

The familiar SPANNTOP version with round clamping geometry in the chuck body and clamping head offers significantly greater holding power than what is offered by traditional 3-jaw chucks or clamping collets, due to the pull-back effect and circumferential clamping.

Your benefits

  • High rigidity
  • Precise concentricity
  • Fast change-over
  • Full through-bore or top face run on the workpiece or front end-stop