Mandrel MANDO G


The best choice for gear cutting

Clamping solutions for the gear-cutting sector are individual and have very special requirements. Consequently, it is not easy to find the suitable clamping device, particularly in the case of high variant diversity and smaller lot sizes. The conventional solution is to use fixtures that are more or less effective.

Fortunately, this is now history. With the MANDO G211 you are relying on a standard segmented mandrel. You profit from in-stock segmented clamping bushings. The rigid and narrow mandrel with optimized tool runout contour is ideal for use in gear cutting applications. Moreover, it can also be used for gear shaping or grinding. Three end-stop levels that are placed with different proximity to the workpiece make it possible to use individual workpiece end-stops. Also a coolant connection ensures process reliability.

Whether you design the machine connection on your own, or whether you want a complete solution from us extending to the quick change-over system, in every case you profit from radial clamping with pull-back effect – and this incredibly increases the rigid clamping. Therefore you have complete control of accuracy and vibration.

Key advantages

  • „S„tandard segmented mandrel with slim interference contour
  • Rigid radial clamping with pull-back effect
  • „Large clamping range and vibration dampening due to vulcanized clamping elements
  • Standard segmented clamping bushings can be used
  • „Three end-stop levels
  • „Integrated flushing channels
In detail
  1. Draw bolt [with safeguard to prevent unscrewing when in open position]
  2. Vulcanized segmented clamping bushing made of case-hardened steel [60 HRC]
  3. Integrated ejector pins for forced opening of the clamping
  4. Torsional safety lock of segmented clamping bushing
  5. Mounting possibility for end-stops
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Clamping elements & adaptations