Clamping heads SE


SE - hexagonal clamping geometry, holding power in perfection

With our hexagonal clamping heads you get up to 25 % more clamping force and higher output with the same clamping cylinder acutating force that is used to actuate our SPANNTOP chucks.

Hexagonal Geometry

The pyramid arrangement of glide surfaces makes it possible. In addition the hexagon geometry ensures that TOPlus is more resistant to contamination than former clamping head/chuck systems.

For some materials more suitable

Therefore, TOPlus is even better suited for raw material, cast and forged parts, as well as fine-particle non-ferrous metals such as brass. With a concentric precision of 0.015 mm!

Key advantages

  • 25 % higher holding than clamping head RD [SPANNTOP]
  • No radial displacement between clamping head and chuck body, therefore it is resistant to contamination
  • Unequalled rigidity due to full-surface contact of the clamping segments
  • Concentric precision < 0.015 mm possible
  • Extended maintenance intervals
In detail

Machining to size of HSW clamping heads

  1. Chuck
  2. HSW clamping head [reduced hardness of 40 HRC in the bore]
  3. Loading ring
  4. Bolts
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