SPANNTOP 2x2 chuck

Effective material to edit with less tool wear

Commercially available rectangular profiles can be tricky. It‘s not just the fact of depending on wide tolerance, all four sides of the profile may not have contact with all four sides of the clamping head. However, dimension and profile variances are also very common. Not to mention the tremendous tool wear caused by vibration when the rectangular profile is not clamped properly.

Material tolerances up to ± 1.0 mm span

Therefore, it is no surprise that materials t hat have widely fluctuating tolerances are at the bottom of the machining list. With our SPANNTOP 2x2 chuck you can span material tolerances to ± 1.0 mm in the width or height of the profile.

Sophisticated technology

Well-engineered mechanics or hydraulics and a four-segment clamping head make it possible. During the clamping cycle the opposing segments move in tandem. The result is that all four sides are clamped at full force, making radial movement of the material impossible. Now you can finally machine rectangular material with a minimum of tool wear.

Key advantages

  • Secure clamping of square material on all 4 sides with the same clamping force
  • Compensating large square material tolerances
  • Typical HAINBUCH features, such as user friendly set-up, full passage, parallel clamping, optimal power conversion, extreme rigidity and superior holding power, as well as minimal wear and tear
  • Standard clamping heads can be used for clamping round material as well