Segment bushing chuck

Individually controllable clamping force

The trick: With this clamping device the customary clamping head is replaced by a segmented clamping bushing. In principle it performs the same tasks as a clamping head. The difference: You have the possibility of realizing large clamping ranges of multiple millimeters. Simultaneously the radial clamping force can be specifically changed by hanging the taper angle.


Our experts adapt the chuck precisely to your requirments. Regardless if you need extremely high holding power or simply want to overlap a workpiece by several millimeters when clamping. At HAINBUCH you always find an individual solution that even further optimizes your manufacturing process.

Key advantages

  • Large opening strokes for loading can be implemented
  • Clamping force can be controlled individually via taper
  • Chucks can be adapted individually to the clamping task