Adjustable bolt chuck

A genuine special case

Clamp with or without pull-back ? The question is irrelevant with our latest special design. With this bolt chuck the pull-back can be variably adjusted, extending to pure radial clamping. Moreover, this chuck really shines wit h a minimized interference contour, a resistance to contamination – thanks to strippers and seals – as well as with integrated coolant supply and air sensing control. And between the clamping positions it offers a lot of free space for machining with driven tools – at a clamping range from 70 to 120 mm. Thus, in the future, even thin and delicate workpieces are no longer a problem, to say nothing of the fact that, plus it is no longer necessary to have two clamping devices on hand and to convert them as needed. When you have special requirements, we are the right partner for you – guaranteed.