Large chucks

Large O.D. clamping with no problem SPANNTOP

O.D. clamping with Ø 400 mm? This is no problem with SPANNTOP. Even with large sizes our experts rely on the proven clamping head-chuck-solution. Naturally the change-over is just as convenient as you would expect from SPANNTOP [LINK] the clamping head and associated workpiece end-stop have a bayonet connection.

An example with vertical machine:

1. Bring chuck down to the clamping head and end-stop. 2. Actuate the chuck bayonet via a separate hand lever that locks the head and endstop in the chuck. 3. Move the chuck upwards, tighten the mounting screws of the end-stop, and that's it. Fast setup – and excellent concentricity!

High rigidity and precision

The solid SPANNTOP chuck offers convincing performance with unbelievable stiffness and precision and therefore is pre-destined to machine hard bearing rings, for example.

Key advantages

  • Short set-up time due to hand-activated bayonet in the chuck body. Clamping head and end-stop can be changed together
  • Workpiece stabilization through axial draw force applied against the workpiece end-stop
  • Extremely stable chuck body
  • Typical HAINBUCH features, such as parallel clamping, optimal power conversion, extreme stiffness and high holding power, as well as little wear and tear
  • Short and stable clamping