Power chuck TOPlus

Maximum holding power

Up to 25 % more holding power and higher output – with the same clamping cylinder that is used to actuate our SPANNTOP chucks. The pyramid arrangement of glide surfaces makes it possible. The clamping head rests with full-surface contact in the TOPlus chuck body – even with large workpiece tolerances. In addition this geometry ensures that TOPlus is significantly less sensitive to contamination than previous chuck/clamping head solutions, and with a concentric precision of approx. 0.015 mm [for chuck size 65]!

Equipped for the Future

Thus TOPlus is even better suited for raw material, cast and forged parts, as well as fine-particle non-ferrous metals such as brass. Therefore, all-round optimized values make the chuck an ideal partner for modern manufacturing strategies and state-of-the-art machine tools.

TOPlus chuck – simply revolutionary!

Key advantages

  • 25 % higher holding power than SPANNTOP
  • Unequalled rigidity due to full-surface contact of the clamping segments
  • No radial displacement between clamping head and chuck body, therefore it is resistant to contamination
  • Concentric precision < 0.015 mm possible
  • Absorbs vibration