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Chuck SPANNTOP nova combi pull-back


Chuck with fixed end-stop that is conveniently clamped from outside via three radially arranged screws. The full capacity is available when used without end-stop. Ideal for machining chuck parts but also for bars.


  • Workpiece stabilization through axial draw force applied against the workpiece end-stop
  • Prepared for workpiece end-stop and front end-stop
  • Converts to a fully functional »bar chuck« when the end-stop plate is removed
In detail
  1. Vulcanized clamping head with pull-back and hardened steel segments
  2. Mounting threads for front end-stop
  3. Torsional safety lock of the clamping head
  4. Clamp screw for base end-stop, easy mounting through external actuation
  5. Spindle flange
  6. Full chuck passage after removal the base end-stop plate
  7. Mounting thread for drawtube connection
  8. Standing base end-stop for clamping with pull-back effect, central mounting thread for workpiece specific end-stop included
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Clamping elements & adaptations
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»We split the μ on a lathe. Great!«

Patrick Lehnhard, technical planning - ThyssenKrupp Presta SteerTec Mülheim GmbH