TOPlus chuck combi pull-back CFK


Chucks of the future: With hexagonal clamping geometry.


  • Made of carbon fiber
  • As much as 70 % lighter than the standard version
  • 25 % higher holding power than SPANNTOP
  • Unequalled rigidity due to full-surface contact of the clamping segments
  • No radial displacement between clamping head and chuck body, therefore it is resistant to contamination
In detail
  1. Vulcanized clamping head with pull-back and hexagonal geometry for optimum chuck sealing and improved clamping force
  2. Mounting threads for front end-stop
  3. Grease nipple, optimal holding power due to perfect lubrication
  4. Aluminium spindle flange
  5. Clamp screw for base end-stop, easy mounting through external actuation
  6. Standing base end-stop for clamping with pull-back effect, central mounting thread for workpiece specific end-stop
  7. Full through-bore after removing the base end-stop plate
  8. Mounting thread for drawtube connection
  9. Chuck body made of carbon fiber
Clamping elements & adaptations