The new »mini« series really shines with a mass reduction of 38 %, 1/3 of less total length and 1/3 of lower chuck diameter. this means reduced energy consumption and better tool accessibility.

Thanks to the reduced interference contour, it is easier to choose the suitable tool. Now it can also be shorter and more stable – on the main and sub spindles. Particularly in the case of limited installation space and in series operation, SPANNTOP mini is ideal: Lower energy consumption, dynamic spindle acceleration and shorter cycle times lower the costs per workpiece.

Naturally the small SPANNTOP variant offers the same concentricity and low-wear characteristics as its big brother.

Minimalism that pays off!

Key advantages

  • S„ignificantly reduced interference contour
  • „Improved tool accessibility
  • „Ideal for limited installation space
  • „Lower mass
  • „Offloading of the machine spindle
  • „Reduced energy requirements
  • „Shorter cycle times
  • „Lower piece costs