MANDO Adapt T211


MANDO Adapt T211 SE [hexagonal]

Mandrel-in-clamping-device, with draw bolt

Variant: SE [hexagonal], RD [round]


  • Form-compensating, segmented clamping bushings upon request
  • Clamping range from Ø 20 – 100 mm with only 5 mandrel sizes
  • Workpiece stabilization through axial draw force applied against the workpiece end-stop
In detail
  1. Vulcanized segmented clamping bushing made of case-hardened steel [60 HRC]
  2. Standard end-stop for machining to size
  3. Draw bolt
  4. CENTREX system for µ-precise use without adjustment
  5. Coupling: Mandrel locks automatically when the draw bolt is screwed in
  6. Mounting srews for fast change
  7. Integrated, and thus optimal forced release of the clamping
  8. Torsional safety lock of the segmented clamping bushing
Download . Technical data