Here you will find our selection of accessories

TESTit clamping force gauge

A regular verification of clamping force is vital for a safe, precise, and productive process. Those who face tough competition can no longer afford to manufacture with »theoretical clamping forces«. Standards and regulations demand regular verification of the maintenance status of the clamping device through a clamping force gauge.

Magnet module

In daily use you are optimally equipped with the TOPlus or SPANNTOP chucks. However, there are always components that are difficult to clamp due to the contour, or that will be deformed through radial clamping. So what is required is an axial chuck, which in addition can also be set-up very fast. The answer: HAINBUCH magnet module

vario end-stop systems

With the standardized workpiece end-stops, vario part and vario quick, you save valuable work preparation time, you are significantly more flexible, and you always have the required clamping length on hand.

Drawtube adapters

Connects your clamping device with the drawtube to the machine. We require your spindle data for configuration.

Multiple clamping pallets

Short set-up times and long machine running times – with our multiple clamping pallets you realize both with extreme efficiency and gain valuable time. Choose the solution for your specific clamping problem from three different pallet types. With up to four clamping positions you can concurrently actuate I.D. and O.D. clamping. Thus, you manufacture with even greater profitability and shorten your throughput times. The result: Perfectly satisfied customers and full order books.

hainBOX system for proper storage


Spring ejector

Changing fixtures


Bushings inserts