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Hainbuch presented at the AMB industry 4.0 solutions

23.08.2016 From automatic loading, to unattended machining of a range of different parts and even process control. Paving the way for Industry 4.0. more

Industry 4.0 award: Hainbuch receives award

23.05.2016 In the areas of technical progress, digitalization and the networking of manufacturing, Hainbuch plays a leading role.more

Viva México

20.05.2016 For years Hainbuch has been waiting for the right moment to create a subsidiary there and now they have turned their plan into reality.more

So switch to full automatic mode with the automatic change station

30.07.2015 Small batch sizes, more and more part variants, competition growing bigger and bigger and always less time. A familiar problem!more

The »Minis« – now compatible with the Hainbuch modular system

16.07.2015 Sometimes small things turn out to be a big success. And that’s true for the mini chucks. But one thing they haven’t had until now was compatibility with the Hainbuch modular system.more

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