Enthusiastic customers

HAINBUCH fans and their quotes

Seeger Präzisionsteile GmbH - hydraulic stationary chuck HYDROK 32

»With the HYDROK clamping system from HAINBUCH we use an optimal solution for processing our products.«

Moritz Seeger, CEO

MFL Maschinen- und Formenbau Leinetal GmbH - HAINBUCH clamping systems general

»Hainbuch is a little more expensive, but it is the best clamping system that I ever have had.«

Alfred Raport, leader lathes

MSF Reichert GmbH - manually actuated stationary chuck MANOK plus with MANDO Adapt

»The I.D. clamping with MANDO from HAINBUCH is reliable, fast, accurate and powerful as the consultation.«

Friedrich Reichert, CEO

PETER BREHM GmbH - manually actuated stationary chuck MANOK CFK lightweight

Gerd Kirsch, Manufacturing Director       Quote

John Deere GmbH & Co. KG - HAINBUCH general

»What makes me a HAINBUCH Fan is, that my benefit [as a customer] is at the forefront.«

Klaus Rheinheimer, leader equipment design

Fertigungstechnik Nord - quick change-over interface centroteX

»With centroteX we have extremely short set-up times. It is trouble-free and with low maintenance. centroteX has significantly advanced our process project.«

Uwe Thielert, manufacturing director

ThyssenKrupp Presta SteerTec Mülheim GmbH - SPANNTOP chuck

»We split the μ on a lathe. Great!«

Patrick Lehnhard, technical planning

Wilhelm Vogel GmbH - HAINBUCH products

»Since years HAINBUCH has been for me a synonym for quality and reliability - really TOP.«

proviel GmbH - accessories CENTREX duo centering system

»What was very important to us, was the existing fixtures could remain on the machine interface without any complications. There was no need for a newly run-in of the fixtures.«

»The height of the Z-axis is required of us completely and could be reduced in any case, this duo was only possible with CENTREX.«

»We need [for our heavy-duty machining] a solid bolted connection. We needed to keep the complete height of the Z-axis which is only possible with CENTREX in conjunction with T-grooves.«

»The repeatability meets our requirements and the change-over is no longer a problem for us.«

Dirk Bauer, manager


BRECO GmbH & Co. KG - quick change-over interface centroteX

»Our centroteX performance is consistently positive: 10 % more productivity, no bothersome alignment of the clamping device, and thanks to the interfaces we have even saved ourselves the expense of acquiring a new machine. This concept pays off in every aspect.«

Ernst Backhaus, manufacturing director

Ernst Backhaus, is excited about centroteX. The interfaces are used on a Gildemeister GMX 250 turning and milling machine on the main spindle and on the sub-spindle. Clamping device change-over time has now been reduced from 1–2 hours to 10 minutes, with a workpiece concentricity < 0.01 mm.


AHZ Zerspanungstechnik GmbH - quick change-over interface centroteX

»Workpiece quality, concentricity, changeover accuracy – we are totally happy with centroteX. The throughput times and piece rates have significantly improved, in spite of low piece rates we are able to quickly react to customer desires, consequently we can also deliver faster. A real competitive advantage. We also earn more money with centroteX.«

Andreas Hochmuth, CEO

Andreas Hochmuth was one of the first to rely on centroteX. The product has been used at AHZ for four years. The clamping device is changed once per shift. What previously took a good hour, is now done with centroteX in just 10 minutes! Location of the interface: A Gildemeister CTX 410 turning and milling machine.


Walter AG - quick change-over interface centroteX

»The centroteX interfaces are extremely flexible, can be quickly implemented, and the unbelievable repeatability is always exciting to me.«

Simon Meyer, machining technologist in the technology center

Simon Meyer changes over for customer-specific applications two times per week. He uses the interfaces on the main and sub-spindle. What is particularly important for him is the flexibility to quickly change over from a jaw chuck to a SPANNTOP chuck or to a mandrel.


ZF Passau GmbH - quick change-over interface centroteX

»Our customers are expecting a high degree of flexibility from us. We can offer this only if we can also set up quickly. centroteX is the perfect product in this regard. It has been part of our standard equipment since 2006 – also for each new machine.«

Datei:ZF Friedrichshafen logo.svg Erwin Marocke, equipment design engineer

Erwin Marocke uses centroteX on the main spindle of vertical double-spindle lathes with integrated Vz hobbing unit. Set-up is performed twice a week on average. Thanks to centroteX the change-over from I.D. to O.D. clamping takes approximately 10 minutes. Without the centroteX interface it used take at least 40 minutes.


Ross Europa GmbH - quick change-over interface centroteX

»Delivering just-in-time – with centroteX this has taken on a completely new dimension. It is the interface that makes this possible. Parts that are missing in assembly are available before noon, thanks to centroteX. So much speed is simply phenomenal.«

Andreas Schmücker, director of production

Andreas Schmücker: Since centroteX, clamping device change-over is no longer a problem. We change three times a week and the time advantage certainly is clearly noticeable. Clamping device change-overs take between 15 and 20 minutes on the Okuma Mac Turn 350. On this machine centroteX is implemented on the main and sub-spindle.


Dako Werk Dowidat KG - quick change-over interface centroteX

»With centroteX our manufacturing is significantly more flexible. Parts machined from the bar, large diameters – all of these are no longer a problem. It is really a creative development.«

Jürgen Hesse, master production

The Mori Seiki NL 2500 is Jürgen Hesse’s particular favorite. On its main spindle there is the centroteX interface and this has now become indispensable to him. Job-oriented manufacturing, immense time advantages and fast amortization – the interface paid for itself a long time ago. It was certainly not the last one that Jürgen Hesse has ordered.